Here are a few questions you should ask
“the other guys”
when you compare
Jim Hirschberg's Sound Co. with other DJs:

With experience comes confidence and knowledge.
Many things can happen during an event,
both expected and unexpected.
A DJ's ability to handle any situation that could
arise can have a profound effect on the success of an event.

Although there are many good DJs who
only operate part-time, isn't it comforting to know
that the company you hire is a full-time
business instead of a part-time sideline?

Jim Hirschberg's Sound Co. L.L.C. is registered with the state of Iowa.

Click here to see our registration with the Secretary of State.

Is the Disc Jockey you are looking at hiring registered?

Does the DJ you are considering have the music knowledge
and music library depth to ensure variety in music selection
to keep all your guests happy?
Click here to see the music selection we bring to our dances.

If the DJ you hire isn't insured, you are taking a huge risk.
At the very minimum your DJ should carry at
least $500,000 in personal liability insurance.

Caterers, Banquet Facilities, Photographers, etc are good
sources of information when evaluating a DJ.
These professionals have seen many entertainers
and can tell you about the quality service each provides.

Setting up the equipment before the guests arrive is the only way to insure
good quality sound and properly working equipment well in advance of the dance.

You'll spend thousands of dollars on your attire,
you don't want your DJ in blue jeans and tennis shoes!
There is a tremendous difference in quality and reliability
between home stereo equipment and professional equipment.
Your DJ should use nothing but the highest quality, equipment available.
Only by using good equipment can you be reasonably assured of
quality sound and reliable operations.
In case of equipment malfunction, your DJ should
always have backup equipment available in case of emergencies.

Some people view Disc Jockeys as a
commodity and choose the cheapest one they can find.
However, an inexperienced DJ can make a
memorable occasion an unforgettable nightmare.


I'll admit that there are some decent part-time DJs out there

but how do you know you'll get an honest person to entertain for you on your most important day?

? Are you CONFUSED when talking with other so-called professional DJs?

? Sounds too good to be true ?

Do your homework! Check them out- investigate.

Ask for recent references of others they have played for,

and remember, actions speak louder than words!

Do some homework! Click here.

Please call for availability or
email Jim Hirschberg's Sound Co.

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